Al-Hudaidah (IP) - Following the withdrawal of the UAE-affiliated forces from southern Al-Hudaidah, western Yemen, the Yemeni People's Forces, and the Ansarullah movement have been deployed in the area.

Iran PressMiddle East: Images of the Iran Press News Agency after the withdrawal of the UAE-affiliated military forces from the south of Al-Hudaidah show the effects of the war and a large amount of damage in the region.

Houses, public places, offices, medical facilities, and gas stations in the areas where the UAE-affiliated military forces were present in the south of Al-Hudaidah have been destroyed.

The presence of the Yemeni forces and the Ansarollah movement on the country's west coast has been welcomed by the people of these areas, and another victory coincided with the success of the Yemeni forces on the Marib front for the Yemeni militant people.

Meanwhile, the Saudi coalition has been besieging the port of Al-Hudaidah for more than five years, and cargo ships carrying oil derivatives cannot dock in this port to meet the basic needs of the Yemeni people. 

The siege of the Yemeni port city of Al-Hudaidah has been accompanied by continued Saudi coalition attacks on residential areas, violating a peace agreement signed in Sweden three years ago.


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