The Embassy of Serbia in Ukraine announced that it has temporarily closed its work in Kyiv to ensure the safety of its employees.

Iran PressEurope More than eight months have passed since the war in Ukraine, and Western countries are trying to prolong the war by providing political and military support to Ukraine.

Serbia was temporarily closing its embassy in Ukraine for security reasons, according to Judicial-Legal Newspaper.

There is a message to that effect on the website of the Serbian Embassy in Ukraine, but it does not reveal the date of its publication.

"For all citizens of Serbia who are still in Ukraine, assistance will continue to be available around the clock for the next period. For any help and support they can also contact the embassies of the Republic of Serbia in the countries bordering on Ukraine," the report said.

On March 3, the media reported that embassy employees were evacuated from Kyiv to Belgrade after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, there was no information that the Serbian embassy returned to the Ukrainian capital.

This week, Russian forces launched new missile strikes in Ukraine following an attack on a strategic bridge linking Russia to Crimea, which it illegally annexed in 2014, drawing widespread international condemnation. 219

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