Bosnian and Herzegovina (IP) - Sarajevo is hosting Iran-Bosnia Children Friendship Week with the cooperation of Iran's Office of Cultural Attache.

Iran PressEurope: Bosnian children and teenagers will get familiar with the cultural, historical, and geographical features of the Iranian ethnic groups during the event. 

Puppet shows, telling Iranian stories, and getting familiar with traditional Iranian arts through participation in educational workshops have been announced as other programs of the Iran-Bosnia Children Friendship Week.

An Iranian book was unveiled in the event; 'Two Friends', a book with the theme of altruism and cooperation between children of Iran and Bosnia-Herzegovina, written by Mohsen Mashriqi and translated into Bosnian by Seneka Beslic. 

During the week, Iranian artists will perform works at the Sarajevo Youth and Culture Center, the Persian-Bosnian College, the International Center for Children and Adolescents in Sarajevo, and Tuzla libraries. 219

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