Resistance Axis is of upper hand in region: President Raisi

Qom (IP) - Iran's President says the Resistance Axis including Hezbollah and Palestine's resistance front has the upper hand in the region.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking among the families of martyrs in Qom, south to Tehran, Ebrahim Raisi said that today, the US has became weaker than ever, with Hezbollah and other resistance forces, including the Palestinians, had the upper hand in the region.

Raisi said: "A US-made terrorist group (ISIS) came to destroy the whole region and now they are a big threat in Afghanistan, but the firm resistance of the young loyal Muslims' adherents to the Islamic principles made the region safe [from the terrorists]".

He highlighted the threat of the US-backed ISIS to Afghanistan and stressed that the security of Afghanistan was the security of Iran, saying: "All efforts are being made to help the establishment of a government in Afghanistan, one which all people in the country are assured that belongs to the Afghan groups and ethnicities, bringing peace to the people of the country." 

He said nearly 4 million Afghan nationals were living in Iran the lives of whom were so mingled with Iranians that could not be separated. 


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