Moscow(IP)- Iranian President has called for an immediate stop to the Israeli “genocide and crimes against humanity” in the besieged Gaza Strip as he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday.

Iran PressEurope:  Invited by his Russian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived in Moscow on Thursday evening and met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Stressing the immediate termination of the war on Gaza, Ebrahim Raisi told Putin that what makes humankind suffer is unilateralism and the world's unequal system the manifestation of which are observable in Gaza.

He said that what is going on in Gaza is a genocide and a crime against humanity:

"It is regrettable that more than 6,000 children were martyred by the Israeli regime. More regrettable is the crimes are supported by the US and Western countries. Still, more regrettable is that the international bodies and the human rights advocates have lost their viability and the world is witnessing the crimes." 

Raisi touched on Iran-Russia cooperation in energy, agriculture, and knowledge-based activities and said more steps could be taken in different areas to ensure the Iranian and Russian nations.  

He described the ties between Iran and Russia as developing and said the negotiations could expand the cooperation between the two countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his part, addressed the regional developments and said that it is important to talk about regional issues, especially Palestine, and what was going on in Gaza.

Putin referred to an exhibition held in Iran in October and the interest of the Russian businessmen to cooperate with the Iranian companies.

He said that Russia actively pursues cooperation with Iran in different sections with Iran including energy, transportation, and education.

In conclusion, Raisi said that the two sides will address other issues at regional and international levels.

Putin also for his part talked about an agreement of establishing a free trade zone between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union which will be signed between the two sides until the end of the current year.


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