Tehran (IP) - During his 4th Ramadan meeting with various guilds, President Ebrahim Raisi met with a group of e-commerce professionals on Saturday afternoon.

Iran PressIran news: In this meeting, Raisi emphasized the importance of technology and innovation in driving the country's development and highlighted the need for knowledge-based individuals to enter the field of artificial intelligence.

Raisi also discussed the country's economic growth targets and stressed the significant role that the digital economy plays in achieving these goals through job creation, investment returns, increased productivity, and cost reduction. He described the government's approach to the digital economy as opportunity-oriented and transformative.

The President acknowledged that regulations for digital business professionals are essential for maintaining a competitive edge in this field. He called for continued efforts to update regulations and address any existing gaps. Raisi emphasized that the government's role is to support, guide, monitor, and create a foundation for healthy competition in providing quality services within the country's economy.

Furthermore, Raisi outlined necessary measures to streamline digital businesses and create a conducive environment for domestic and foreign market access. He urged e-commerce professionals to identify challenges and provide solutions to enhance services and improve people's quality of life.

Raisi reiterated the government's trust in digital economy professionals and commitment to addressing sector-specific issues. He encouraged ongoing communication between industry experts and executive bodies, emphasizing the government's readiness to receive feedback and criticism towards supporting the digital economy effectively.


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