Abuja (IP): The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, has urged Muslim countries in the world to take decisive actions against any European country that supports Islamophobia through the burning of the holy Quran under the pretext of “freedom of speech.”

Iran PressAfrica: Below is the full text of the interview of the senior African cleric with Iran Press correspondent in Abuja, Nigeria:

IP: Regarding the continuation of insulting the Holy Quran in Europe, what is the purpose of this insulting act, and what role do Muslims and Islamic scholars have in neutralizing conspiracies?

Sheikh Zakzaki: One might ask why they are burning the Quran. Is it a  mere fact? No, it is a sort of ideology. They have realized that the Quran is the only message of God, which is freed from any alteration. And it is the only way out for the entire mankind. 

They realized how significant the Quran is to the Muslims,  and their attachment to the Quran makes it impossible for anyone to change them because the Quran can not be altered. 

They (enemies) have altered everything. They are now calling for a change in thought concerning religion. So many things which are forbidden should now be permitted. But the Quran can not be changed. So, as long as the Quran is there,  one has one choice: to follow it or leave it. But he can not alter it. 

They can not alter Islam; they can not change Muslims. Any Muslim who thinks that he should be liberal or should follow Western vices can not be able to change, and that is why they are attacking the Quran. 

That is one. Secondly, coming to your question, the Muslim world, particularly those who are in authority, should show these European countries, in as much their governments defend those who burn and tear the Quran under the pretext of “freedom of speech,” now they should also say in the same freedom that they have the right also to have no relationship with them, economically. 

Because these (Europeans) people depend on us for their economy. We buy their products. They will feel it if we close our doors to their products. Their economy will start twinge, and they will now realize that even if they don't believe in the Quran, they have to make a law banning any desecration of the Quran.

It is up to these people (who are ruling Muslim countries); I wouldn't call them leaders because most of them are puppets of the same West. They must realize that if they don't do it, the people will revolt against them because the Quran is part of the Muslim people. 

An attack on the Quran is an attack on our beliefs and everything we stand for, and Muslim nations can never accept that. So, those in authority should realize this. Either they sever their relationship with these (European) countries, or their people will revolt against them.


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