Tehran (IP): The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Iraq, emphasized that lifting the inhuman blockade of Gaza and preventing genocide in this region requires immediate action by the Islamic Ummah, and Iran is ready to take joint action with Iraq and all Islamic countries.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday in a telephone conversation with Iraq's Prime Minister Muhammad Shia' al-Sudani, referring to the dynamic and progress of relations between the two countries in the recent period, emphasized the continuation of expanding cooperation by taking advantage of the great capacities of Iran and Iraq.

According to Iran Press, the President further expressed the deep concern of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the inhumane acts and the killing of innocent people in Gaza and added: "The Zionist regime is trying to avenge its defeat of the resistance forces on the battlefield by mass punishment and systematic crime against defenseless and innocent civilians."

Raisi  further stated: "What we saw in Gaza was the result of the accumulation of anger caused by the Zionist atrocities, but the leaders of the Zionist regime are trying to relate it to external factors."

In this telephone conversation, the Prime Minister of Iraq also appreciated the principled positions of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the government and the nation of Iran in supporting the oppressed people of Palestine and said: "What is happening in Gaza today is genocide. Collectively and in retaliation, it is a big defeat that the Zionist regime has suffered in the field from the resistance Mujahideen (fighters)."

The Prime Minister of Iraq added: "The Zionist regime leaders are seeking to vent their anger on innocent civilians, and therefore all Islamic countries are obliged to use all their capacities to stop this process."


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