Shiraz(IP): Inauguration ceremony of Shiraz-Isfahan highway is underway with Ebrahim Raisi", the president of Islamic Republic of Iran in attendance.

Iran PressIran news: With upcoming inauguration of 212 km of Shiraz-Isfahan Freeway, the lengths of Iran's Freeway will reach to 3,005 km, informed Kheirollah Khademi, Iran Deputy Minister and CEO of the Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company. 

From 24 freeway projects with total lengths of 7000 km, 3005 km is operated, 1038 km is already under construction and 1880 km is under study for investment, Khademi said.  

This year, there are five freeway projects in Iran. With operation of 212 km of the Shiraz-Isfahan Freeway, the lengths of the freeway will add up to 3005 km. 

293 km freeways including Shiraz-Isfahan Freeway (212 km), Manjil-Rudbar (8.5 km), Tabriz-Sofian (24 km), Maragheh-Hashtrood (34 km) have been planned for this year 212 km will be inaugurated this week. 

In Iran, construction of freeways is 86 km on average, while construction of railroads is 199 km per year, Iran Deputy minister added. 

Khademi reported on the whole construction projects including rail and road projects which are 10,350 under construction of which 3,270 km is rail project, 1038 km freeways, and more than 6000 km highway and main roads.

Additionally, 407 km railway projects would be operated including Bostanabad-Tabriz, Hamadan-Sanandaj, Rasht-Caspian, and Ardabil Railway. The Bostanabad-Tabriz project has been put into operation and the Hamadan-Sanandaj railway project will soon be ready and put into operation.

The Shiraz-Esfahan Freeway makes the current route 134 kilometers shorter and reduces travel time by at least two hours, and it is expected to reduce fuel consumption by more than 100 million liters per year.

The construction of this freeway was done by joint investment of the private and public sectors.

President Raisi and his delegation arrived a few moments ago in Shiraz International Air Port, Southwestern Province of Fars on Thursday morning.

 The President will inaugurate six major sections of the 211 km long Shiraz-Isfahan freeway project.

Also, President Raisi is scheduled to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the eighth segment of this freeway, which will be the beginning of the Shiraz-Bushehr freeway, and after that, he will go to the Holy Shrine of Ahmad bin Musa (A.S.), and after paying a visit to this holy shrine, he will meet with the people at 3:30 pm.

Raisi: Strong Iran's contribution to regional economic prosperity; eye-catching

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Shiraz-Isfahan highway on Thursday morning in Fars Province South Western Iran, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called for all Iranians to be studious and increase their steadfastness and their efforts.

He further called Islamic Iran a technologically advanced country and the safest and easiest way to get connected to East, west South, and North.

The Iranian president also stressed: "Iran's contribution to the economic prosperity in the region is very high and noticeable."

Ebrahim Raisi also went on to call the Islamic Country" the Strong Iran thanks to the blessing of the people's presence in all arenas blessed blood of the martyrs and the experts and who are at the same time true believers of Islam."

Iranian President Elsewhere went on to note that Iran's Ministry of Defense is involved in producing missiles and drones and standing by The People's side by playing a role in building highways and freeways to solve their problem. So is true about the Iranian army, Armed forces, and IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) that is to say having contributed to Iran's power as well as standing by the people's side.

Raisi administration made efforts to inaugurate the Isfahan-Shiraz project

Pointing to the capabilities of the Defense Ministry and the armed forces of the country, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said the project was implemented in line with the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ayatollah Khamenei to cooperate with the government and serve the country.

The project was called "strategic" by the commander since it connects the north-south route in the shortest and most appropriate time.

The project is efficient in saving energy and transferring goods, according to the commander.

The commander enlisted the merits of the project as jihadi management, monitoring various workshops along with different financial paths.

Reduced credits and the imposed sanctions could not even halt the inauguration of the project, which can be a role model for other projects as well, added the top commander. 

The project achieved a reduction of 130 kilometers in the route, which led to a saving of 136 million liters of gasoline. In addition, the use of local knowledge and modern technology resulted in a reduction of travel time and saved 4 thousand billion tomans in costs. 

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani arrived in Shiraz on Thursday morning and attended the inauguration ceremony of the project.


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