Iran (IP) - Revival of authentic and pure Islam and removing the heresy from the religion of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was the main philosophy behind Imam Hussain's uprising and the cause of the Karbala incident.

Iran PressIran news:  All those who are familiar with the Imam's life do certainly realize that his role in serving Islam started very early in his life. He contributed to the rising Islamic movement when he was a boy, and played a significant role, when his father was the Commander of the faithful, taking part in all three wars that his father fought along with the rest of the faithful companions and followers.


When his brother Hassan (AS) became Imam, he obeyed and followed him in all that he said or did. Then his role entered a new stage with the passing away of his brother. And since the role of any Imam of Ahl ul-Bait is defined in accordance with the nature of the social and political conditions of his age, the Imam drew a new course in determining the direction of the Islamic movement.

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Imam Hussain (AS) expressed his motivation as follows: "Now that my uprising against corruption and Yazid's tyranny begins, O God !, be a witness and let others know that: I don't rise for ambition, pleasure-seeking, violence, and oppression; rather, I want to reform Holy Prophet (PBUH)'s nation, which has gone into corruption. I intend to proliferate the great duty of "enjoin the right and forbid the wrong" and follow the way of my grandfather and father.


The best and most reliable document to understand the philosophy and goals of Imam Hussain's movement is his own words or other imams in this regard. The total of sermons, speeches, letters and testament of Imam Hossein (AS) manifests the great cause behind the motivations of the Ashura uprising and shows that observation of "enjoining good and forbidding evil" and reforming and revitalizing the religion of Islam is the main goal intended by the uprising.

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Revival of authentic and pure Islam and removing the distortion and heresy from the religion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was what brought Hussain (AS) to Karbala. Heresies and deviations took root and turned into a dominant trend during the 20 years of Muawiya's rule, and its consequences reinforced heresy, deviation, hypocrisy, and corruption in that era. Yazid himself was the embodiment of all deviations and heresies. If Muawiya could show an appearance of being religious and deceive the masses due to his cleverness, Yazid could not even adhere to the religion and Sharia in appearance, and the reputation of his drunkenness, corruption and licentiousness had reached everywhere. He even participated in the obligatory Hajj, which he went to at the insistence of his father.


When Muawiyah tried to make Yazid act according to the appearance of religion in front of the elders and make a fortune for himself, he still could not convince this prodigal son. For this reason, elders and officials were opposed to Yazid's succession as the Muslim caliph from the beginning, but they accepted Yazid's caliphate out of fear of Muawiyah.

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Imam Hussain (AS) observed and investigated the depth of deviations of the Islamic Ummah during the era of Muawiya's rule and then Yazid's rule. To destroy the religious and political foundations of the Islamic society, as well as those that have penetrated into the Caliphate system He saw the only way to save the Islamic nation is to establish a deep movement whose reflection and scope will be a model for all free men throughout history. 


During the reign of the Umayyads, opposition to God's Quran, corruption, oppression, injustice, insecurity, looting of wealth and other problems had reached a climax. It was impossible for Imam Hussain (AS) to tolerate the spread of evil in the Islamic society, and he considered himself responsible for prohibiting it. Therefore, Imam Hussain along with his companions, who were the sun of virtues and the axis of goodness, stood tall against a wave of blackness and corruption to revive the religion of Mohammad (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS) once again.

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Imam Hussain's other concern was the neglect of religious leaders and their silence against the deviations of the Umayyads. In fact, their silence and seclusion and abandoning the observation of "enjoining the right and forbid the wrong" caused the spread of religious and moral deviations and the religion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was severely distorted.


For this reason, Imam Hussain (AS) in Makkah, before moving towards Kufa, in the group of scholars and elites of Islamic regions, a passionate and hard-hitting sermon addressing the scholars and elders of the cities on protecting the integrity of religion and the beliefs of Muslims was delivered, and the consequences of their silence against the crimes of the Umayyads were reminded. In this sermon, Imam Hussain (AS) criticized the silence of the scholars and elders against the anti-religious policies of the Umayyad rulers and considered any cooperation and compromise with them as an unforgivable sin.

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At the end of his speech, regarding the purpose of their actions and activities against the oppressive ruling system, Imam Hussain (AS) said: "O God, you know that what has been done on our behalf (from words and actions against the Umayyad rulers) was not due seeking superiority in ruling and demanding more properties in the world's insignificant wealth, rather, it is to show the true signs of your religion (to the people) and establish the reformation in your lands. We want your oppressed servants to be safe and your obligations, traditions and rulings to be followed."


On the other hand, the people's neglect of religion and their indifference towards the heresies and intransigence of the Umayyad government hurts Imam Hussain's heart. One of the noble things that Imam Hussain (AS) sought to revive was the awakening of intellects and minds and giving insight to the Muslim community. If the intellects are awakened, they will understand the truth and recognize the falsehood; the awakening of intellects leads to the correct knowledge of man, and the correct knowledge leads man to the right path. It is with the awakening of the intellects and minds that heresy and superstition are no longer accepted, and the reins of tyranny, and lust are conquered by reason.


Common sense and human intellect forbids manhood from serving other than God and calls him to obey God and divine prophets, and this is the point of man's salvation. Imam Hussain (AS) by standing up against the corrupt government of Yazid, intended to awaken the sleeping minds that have accepted every falsehood, unjust word, and unworthy behavior, an ignorant mind had lost the ability to discern between right and wrong.

Imam Hussain (AS) showed the greatest act of benevolence by his uprising to spread "enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong"  in the history of mankind and sacrificed his life in this holy way. 219

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