In response to the attacks of the Israeli regime on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian resistance groups targeted the settlements around Gaza and south of Tel Aviv with rocket attacks.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip has announced the number of martyrs of the Zionist regime's aggression in the Gaza Strip up to this moment: 8 martyrs and 50 injured.

Following the rocket response of the Palestinian resistance forces to the attacks of the Zionist regime, warning sirens sounded in the Zionist settlements located around the Gaza Strip, especially in Yabna and the coast south of Tel Aviv.

Saraya al-Quds, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, announced that they targeted Tel Aviv and the central cities of occupied Palestine and the surrounding Gaza Strip with more than 100 missiles.

Anticipating the possible retaliatory response of rocket attacks by the resistance forces against Zionist settlements in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the Israeli regime has opened the doors of the shelters of Ashkelon, Dimoneh, Beersheba, and Yefne to the settlers.

The municipalities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa in Occupied Palestine also announced the reopening of shelters to the settlers and announced that in case of need and any possible attack, the shelters of the "Gushdan" area will also be opened.

Also, the Israeli army has deployed the so-called Iron Dome systems in occupied al-Quds and Tel Aviv, and at the same time, it has asked the settlers around the Gaza Strip to stay in shelters. 219

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