Islamabad (IP): Pakistan’s foreign office says the Israeli Regime must face justice for committing crimes against Palestinians with impunity.

Pakistan on Friday condemned the killing of over 100 Palestinians who were trying to get food from an aid convoy in Gaza City a day earlier, saying the incident had highlighted Israel’s “deliberate and inhumane policy of mass starvation.”

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians waiting for aid and food amid the rubble of their city destroyed by relentless airstrikes ordered by the Netanyahu administration last year in October.

Israel besieged the Gaza Strip after a surprise attack was initiated by Hamas in response to the deteriorating condition of Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation. The ensuing war has led to the killing of over 30,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children, as much of the world has accused the Israeli authorities of carrying out a genocide in Gaza.

International aid groups have also complained of increasing difficulties while delivering food supplies to starving Palestinians due to the Israeli military.“Pakistan strongly condemns yesterday’s massacre by Israel’s occupation forces of unarmed Palestinians, who were awaiting life-saving aid and food delivery in Gaza,” foreign office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said during her weekly media briefing. “This massacre demonstrates a blatant

disregard for civility and international humanitarian law and Israel’s deliberate and inhumane policy of mass starvation.”Baloch reiterated her country’s stance for an immediate and urgent ceasefire while calling for unimpeded access to humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.“Israel must also face justice for its crimes against humanity being perpetrated with impunity against the Palestinian people,” she added.

The incident in Gaza has come at a time when various stakeholders in and around the region are trying to negotiate a ceasefire to end the conflict which has lasted for nearly five months. 204

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