Tehran (IP) - Iran's Oil Minister said that Donald Trump's come-back as the US president will not affect the Iranian oil sale.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Trump will not affect oil sales, and even now, given the intensification of the sanctions, we have the highest oil sales record since 2017," Javad Owji said on Sunday.

Owji made the remarks in the ceremony of signing an agreement of pressure-increase in the South Pars field in southern Iran, a contract he called the most valuable one in the country's history. 

He said: "The contract worth $20 billion, by which we will have gas for the next 70 years. This work could have been done 8 years ago, but we did not wait for foreign companies."

Out of the 20-billion-dollar investment, $900 billion could be earned, he added. 

The Iranian oil minister said the economic growth of the oil group products has reached 20%, which means that the sanctions have failed to curb it, pointing to the 5% growth in Iran's gas production which is 2.5 in other countries. 


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