West Asia (IP): The Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemned the intensification of the crimes of the occupying regime forces in the occupied Palestinian territories and demanded that it be stopped.

Iran PressWest Asia: According to Iran press citing the Palestinian Sama news agency, the Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation strongly condemned the intensification of the crimes of the occupying forces of the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestinian territories, which led to the martyrdom of 2 Palestinian youths and the destruction of the infrastructure of the Nur Shams refugee camp located in the east of Tulkarem city on Sunday morning.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation emphasized that the attacks of the Zionist regime are war crimes and against humanity.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation also called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli regime as an occupying force in order to put an end to the repeated crimes and aggressions of the Israeli (regime) and international support for the Palestinian people.

Palestinian sources reported the martyrdom of 2 Palestinians following the attack of the Zionist forces on the Tulkarem refugee camp in the West Bank.

The conditions these days in the occupied territories, especially in the West Bank, are very special, and the Palestinian fighters are responding to the countless crimes of the Zionists by any means, and this has created special conditions for the usurping Zionists.

Before this, the Zionists only fought with the Palestinians in the south of the occupied territories and in the Gaza region, but now the West Bank in the east of Palestine has become a hiding place for the cowardly Zionists due to the fact that its youth are armed, and it has deprived them of a good night's sleep.


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