Nigeria (IP) - Muslims in Nigeria's largest state by population, Kano, took to the streets after Friday prayer to condemn the French government for backing the Charlie Hebdo magazine which published a blasphemous cartoon of the Islamic holy Prophet Muhammad and the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Seyyed Ali Khamenei recently.

Iran PressAfrica: The protesters first gathered at Kano Friday prayer mosque holding photos of the leader, Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and a banner that contained condemnation messages against blasphemy.

Sheikh Sanusi Abdulkadir delivered speeches before and during the closure of the protest. He said the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Seyyed Ali Khamenei are the red lines of Muslims, therefore, they would not tolerate anyone who crossed the red line.

A hundred protestors marched through the city's major streets, chanting: "Allahu Akbar, labbayka ya Rasulullah, we will never tolerate French blasphemy against Islamic sanctity."

In the closing speech, also Sheikh Sunusi Abdulkadir called on Muslims all over the world to stand together irrespective of their differences against France and whosoever crosses the Muslim red line.

Charlie Hebdo has been provoking Muslims with satirical attacks on religious leaders. In 2012 It published blasphemous cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, forcing France to temporarily close embassies and schools in more than 20 countries amid fears of reprisals.


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