Kaduna (IP): Reverend. Yohanna Y.D. Buru, a famous Christian leader in Nigeria, the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini brought the real Islamic ideology to the world and exposed reality to Muslims that were led away from true Islamic teachings, culture, and life as taught by the holy Prophet of Islam, and if leaders would do like Imam Khomeini, the world will be in peace and harmony.

Iran Press/Africa: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press In Kaduna, the founder of the Peace Survival and Reconciliation Foundation of Nigeria who also represents the Human Rights Agency under the United Nations in the West African country, said, "Imam Khomeini did excellently and this made me convinced.

I have been to Iran several times. I have seen the settings of Iran and the kind of discipline in Iran. I have seen the kind of lifestyle in Iran in conformity to Islamic teachings." "If you visit Iran and see what the Islamic Revolution has done to Iranians, you will thank Imam Khomeini for what he did. And if our leaders would do like Imam Khomeini, our world would live in peace and harmony,", the Nigerian figure stated.

Reverend Yohanna Buru said he was impressed by Iran and understood the West's lies and propaganda against the Islamic Republic during his visit.

"Imam Khomeini had harmonized Iranians from different religions. I saw Zoroastrians, I went to synagogue, met with Jews. I had conversations and discussions with them on religious matters and social life."

Among the things that drew the attention of the Christian leader during his visit to the Islamic Republic was the humility of the late founder of the Islamic Republic. "I went to his house and saw the house of that humble servant of God. I saw that humble leader, that sacrificial leader, that nationalist, that patriotic and a true example of an Islamic leader who changed the history of Iran."

This man alone, by the special grace of God, changed Iran to a different thing that today, Iran is competing with any other superpowers in the world." 

He emphasized that the Iranian nation learned to depend on God and they can walk on themselves, using their citizens to develop their country. 

"The way the Western world portrays Iranians is as if they are too radical, they are not open to the world, and they hate Christians. That is not true! 

"I went to different churches in Iran and I met with different people. We went to fellowship with them. Iranian Christians took us to where we took coffee and food. So also, (Iranian) Muslims took us from one place to another. And even in Tehran there are synagogues, there are churches. So, I want to reiterate that Imam Khomeini united Iranians. These people are not foreigners. No. They are Iranian Christians and Iranian Jews. This is the true revolution," said the Christian leader who represents United Nation's human rights agency in Nigeria. 204

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