London (IP) - Gabriella, a 22-year-old English-Catholic girl who converted to Islam a few days ago, said that when she read the Holy Quran for the very first time, it calmed her down and had a profound effect on her life.

Iran PressIran news: Gabriella, a 22-year-old English and Catholic girl, converted to Islam last Sunday night and attended the celebration of the birth anniversary of Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) in the Islamic Center of London and chose the name Fatima for herself.

In an exclusive interview with an Iran Press correspondent in London on Tuesday, the British girl stated that she loved Lady Fatima, whose father was the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Hazrat Khadijeh was her mother and Imam Ali (PBUH) was her husband, and she was the mother of Imam Hassan (PBUH) and Imam Hussein (PBUH).

This English Muslim woman pointed out that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described the character of Lady Fatima (AS) as a part of paradise and this has been her unique feature.

This newly converted English girl emphasized that any Muslim woman could follow the example of Lady Fatima (AS), who had been a very hardworking and resilient mother.

She explained further that many wanted to marry Lady Fatima (AS), but she married Imam Ali (PBUH) because they were the best couple for each other.

This newly converted English Muslim girl explained why she chose the name, Fatima, saying: "I have studied the history of Islam and Islamic knowledge, and Lady Fatima (AS) is different from everyone, and that is why I like the name Fatima and chose it for myself."


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