Rawalpindi (IP) - Muharram mourners in Rawalpindi protested against desecration of the Holy Quran and demand boycott of Sweden.

In Rawalpindi Muharram mourners holding the Holy Quran in hands staged a protest against desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden.

While addressing to the protesters the speakers said that Sweden government should answer such inhuman and unethical act as no Muslim can even think to insult any religion or Holy Books like Bible, Torah and others. They said all the Islamic world shouldn't wait anymore and be united for the honor of Holy Quran.

A large number of women and children also participated in the protest. While talking to Iran Press, famous religious scholar Allama Anwar Ali Najfi said, “We cannot tolerate in any way that the Qur'an is burnt, the Qur'an is insulted and we Muslims continue to breathe, we also protest that Muslims are not protesting like the way it should be, the rulers should realize that if they do not cut ties with every insulter including Sweden, they will lose their government.”The speakers demanded the Government of Pakistan to boycott all kind of relations with Sweden and the Swiss Ambassador should be sent back instantly.

Allama Arif Hussain Wahidi, the Vice President of Shia Ulma Council of Pakistan said, “If our faith is strong, it is written in the Quran that do not consider yourself weak, if you are a true Muslim, then you are exalted. I think that this insult is a test of our faith, a test of our feelings and idiolgy. Yes, this is the test of our thoughts and our honor, if the whole world of Islam stands firm against such acts, then no one can dare to insult our sacred icons.”

Women also participated in the protest to honor the Holy Quran and demanded the Islamic World to forget the other irrelevant issues and to be united for this worthy cause, which is the mutual issue of Islamic world.

Talking to Iran Press a female participant said that, “First of all, Muslim countries should not only boycott against these tyrant powers, but also expel their ambassadors from their countries.”People from different walks of life participated in this protest and demanded that leaders of Islamic World should take a serious step now to stop such inhuman and uncivilized act.