Tehran (IP) - The deputy of the supervision of public places of Tehran Intelligence Police announced the identification and arrest of the main agent and one of the active ringleaders in the riots in Eastern Tehran.

Iran PressAfrica: Colonel Nader Moradi said: "Following the calls that were announced by the hostile groups for the coming days, the agents of the Tehran's Intelligence Police's Public Places Supervision Department succeeded in carrying out technical and police measures to identify the main perpetrators and ringleaders of the riots in Eastern Tehran."

He added: "The police investigation showed that, by working in the cyberspace and influenced by the opposition networks, by inciting the youth and using deconstructive slogans, he has intended to create a ground for illegal sit-ins and the formation of the initial core of unrest in Nizam Abad neighborhood."

The deputy of supervision of public places of Tehran Intelligence Police said: "With the round-the-clock efforts and intelligence actions of the agents of this department, it was found that the deffandant is working in a barber shop in Nizam Abad neighborhood, who was arrested after identifying his guild and was introduced to the prosecutor's office after filing a court case.

Colonel Moradi said: "Arresting the main perpetrators of riots is still on the police's agenda."


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