The Russian foreign minister says that Russia will respond to new US sanctions depending on the specific situation.

Iran PressEurope: Russia will respond to new US sanctions depending on the specific situation that will arise due to the actions of Washington and its Western allies, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Channel One Russia.

"Of course, we will respond to [new US sanctions]. During their last phone conversation President [of Russia Vladimir] Putin told President [of the US Joe] Biden that if you take this path, you will destroy our relations," the minister said, according to Tass.

"What will it look like? We do not want to scare anyone, we will make our decision depending on the specific situation that will develop as a result of certain actions of the United States and their Western allies," he added.

Lavrov stressed that the US threats to impose sanctions against Russia are arrogant and absurd. "[Threats of sanctions from the US] are so arrogant and absurd, in my opinion, anyone can understand it. The US Congress has taken decisions of this kind more than once, so I do not rule anything out," he said.

The top diplomat stressed that Russia will never use sanctions pressure on the global arena as the United States does.

"We will never act the way the United States does, for which, over the past, probably, almost 10 years, sanctions have become the main tool of foreign policy, the culture of diplomacy is practically lost, the culture of compromise too. We made our proposals [on security guarantees], because we want to return everything to using negotiation as the way of solving problems," Lavrov said.


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