The spokesman of the Kremlin stated that the situation in West Asia is still tense, and added that a real war is being waged by the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip.

Iran PressEurope: The spokesman of the Russian President emphasized the necessity of forming an independent state of Palestine with Quds as its capital. 

Asking Hamas to release all Israeli prisoners, he stated: "Most importantly, we are worried about our citizens, but we cannot determine their exact number."

Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that it is not possible to solve the Palestinian crisis without implementing a two-state solution based on the resolutions of the Security Council.

The Kremlin spokesman also referred to the new EU sanctions package against Russia, saying: "Russia has been living under sanctions for decades and we are not afraid of it."

Responding to Ukraine's complaints from the West about ammunition shortages, Peskov said: "The mass production potential of the West is limited and new problems are emerging."

According to this report, in response to a question about rumors about Russian President Vladimir Putin's physical problems, he emphasized: "This is another lie propagated by the West." 

Yesterday,  regarding the European Union's decision to apply a new sanctions package against Russia under the pretext of the Ukraine war, Grushko said that Moscow is also ready for this new package. 219

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