Tehran (IP) - The cabinet of the Israeli regime is facing different internal conflicts over the way of governing Gaza in the post-war era.

Iran PressCommentary: The war on Gaza is approximating to its 100th day. Although about 23,000 Palestinians have been martyred and over 60,000 have been injured and the Israeli regime itself suffered heavy damage, no certain vision is available for the end of the war. 

That the termination of the war is in limbo is subject to different reasons such that the Israeli regime failed to fulfill any of its objectives including the release of its captives and the destruction of Hamas.  

Yet, one of the main reasons is the lack of a clear strategy and plan for governance in Gaza after the war. 

In Netanyahu's cabinet, there is no consensus on how to govern Gaza after the war but there are strong conflicts among the members in such a way that caused the secession of the cabinet sessions.

Last week, Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to cancel the cabinet session to review the situation in the Gaza Strip after the end of the war, due to the intensifying pressure of the extremist members of the cabinet.

There are some conflicting views within Netanyahu's war cabinet. Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, proposed the idea of creating a buffer zone and stated that only the Israeli army can guarantee that Gaza remains civilian. However, Bibi, who pursues the idea of relocating the people of Gaza, seeks to stay in Gaza. 

The idea was followed in another form by some extremist members of the cabinet; the Israeli minister of finance Bezalel Smotrich maintained that with the end of the war, the regime must occupy the Gaza Strip and start the construction of settlements there: "We need to build a Jewish settlement in Gaza. If we don't, we'll wake up with a new October 7 in the next 10 years.

In contrast, Israelis such as Gallant and Gantz believe that with the end of the war, Israel must have no responsibility for Gaza. 

Yoav Galant, the Israeli war minister, says whenever the war is finished, Israel's responsibility will be ended about Gaza. The President of the Israeli National Unity Party believes that immediately after the war, the administration of Gaza should be handed over to the Palestinian Authority and Israel should not assume any responsibility in this regard.

What is important is that the Israeli regime and the US have different opinions about the governance of Gaza after the end of the Israeli war on the Palestinian city. 

Tas the Israeli sources say the US government seeks to hand over the administration of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority after the war. 


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