The Israeli regime targeted areas in southern Lebanon with air and artillery attacks.

Iran Press/ West Asia: An Israeli drone targeted a house in the town of Belida in southern Lebanon.

According to Al Jazeera, the fighter jets and artillery of the Zionist regime also carried out attacks on the town of Meiss El Jabal

Also, the Lebanese media announced that the Zionist army carried out an artillery attack near the funeral procession of the martyrs of the Amal movement "Ali Khalil" and "Mustafa Zaher" in Belida town. These two martyrs are members of the Lebanese Amal movement and were killed in the recent attack of the Zionist regime on Belida town.

On the other hand, Channel 12 of the Zionist regime announced that after an anti-tank missile was fired from the south of Lebanon, a car garage was damaged in the town of Yaron in the north of the occupied territories. 219

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