Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday he planned to pay a three-hour visit next week to the United Arab Emirates and perhaps to Bahrain.

Iran PressMiddle East: With the pressures of the outgoing US President Donald Trump to make the Arabic regimes' ties normalized with the Israeli regime, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco reached an agreement with the Zionist regime on full normalization of diplomatic ties.  

These agreements have been widely criticized in the Islamic world.

Asked in a news briefing whether he would go ahead with a UAE visit next week despite the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in Israel, Netanyahu said in remarks streamed live on his Twitter page: "We postponed the visit … twice because of lockdowns.

"It has great security, national and international importance, but it has been shortened, at my request, from three days to three hours."

Netanyahu said he would travel to Abu Dhabi and would also "possibly make a lightning visit to Bahrain" during the brief trip.

Netanyahu did not give a specific date but Israeli media reports said he would make the trip on February 9.