ISIS plot to attack Imam Hussein mourning rituals thwarted

The Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Unit (PMU) forces, which is also called Hashd al-Shaabi, foiled a terrorist plot to target Imam Hussein's (AS) mourning rituals in Baghdad.

Iran PressMiddle East: In cooperation with the Iraqi army and intelligence service, PMU forces discovered an ISIS hide-out in western Baghdad, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit announced in a statement. 

According to the statement the hiding place was discovered out of a detained ISIS terrorist's confessions. 

There in the hide-out, suicide belts and a sticky bomb were found that ISIS elements intended to use them to carry out terrorist operations in Baghdad's mourning rituals for Imam Hussein (AS).

A few days ago, PMU announced to put  3,000 of its troops on standby to participate in the special security plan for Muharram rituals in eastern Iraq.


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