Qom(IP)- IRGC Chief Commander warned that the vicious dream of Iran's enemies to divide and disintegrate it will not come true.

Iran PressIran News: The Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps stressed:" America likes to see the youth of the country killed in the street and the faces of the people withered, and to divide the nation and divide Iran, and these evil dream of the enemy will never come true because the Iranian nation stands strong and resistant."

The final session of the National Congress of 6090 Martyrs of Qom Province was held today (Thursday) in the presence of Major General Hossein Salami, Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, and with the presence of thousands of religious, revolution and religious people of this province in the Karbala Shabestan (Prayer hall) of the Jamkaran Mosque of Qom.

According to Iran Press, Major General Hossein Salami said at the final session of the National Congress of 6090 Martyrs of Qom Province: " America would like to see the streets of Iran's cities covered in smoke and on fire and not send a space ship to the sky and wants us to be needy, poor and crippled so that the Patients do not have access to medicine."

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The Chief commander of the IRGC added: Women protect their hijab as a bastion to preserve their high values ​​and do not respond to the call of the devil.

Major General Salami also said: "We have learned the ways of Jihad ( Holy war) and we will move forward, and the regional influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran remains, the defense power of the armed forces will increase, our economy has flourished, and we believe that Iranians whether  Muslim,  or even non-Muslims in Iran are not willing to see Iran suffering due to economic problems."

Chief Commander of IRGC added: "Today we are on the verge of becoming a world power and we are not worried about anything."

Major General Salami emphasized: The Leader of the Islamic Revolution is the lifeboat of the nation in the turmoil of the waves, and he stands with heavenly and Hosseinian faith, and the nation pledges allegiance to him and stands by him."


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