Tehran (IP) - In another part of the televised debate, the six Iranian presidential candidates outline their views on the educational system, and each candidate explains his views and programs for improving the current system in the country.

Iran PressIran news:  Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi: Public education is one of the most important issues in the world, and in my opinion, the Ministry of Education is the most important in the cabinet. The education budget comprises of 9% of the total budget and should be increased to 30%.

He added: "We designed a new education system; 4 to 7 years old is the cognitive period when the child learns social communication, and we do not mean classes. Up to the age of 11 is the period of literacy and the third period is the period of skills when a 16-year-old child who has graduated can master a skill.

The candidate for the presidential election said: "With the beginning of the 13th government, we recruited 295,000 teachers and the ranking of teachers was implemented, but no one had done it before. 31,945 new classrooms were built and 4 million square meters of educational space were restored in the 13th government. He emphasized this path is continued in his cabinet 


Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf:

We have 16 million students, today the education budget has decreased compared to the 1370s (Iranian calendar), while education is the foundation of the country. When we talk about strengthening education, two things must be considered; school and teacher, so we must focus on content and teacher education. Today, each student's per capita cost is 16 to 17 million without educational buildings, and with educational facilities, it reaches 45 to 50 million tomans.

Stating that education is the basis of the country's progress, he added: "We have approximately 16 million students. Our per capita budget is 10%. In the 70s, it was 20 percent. That is, it has been halved.

The candidate for the presidential election said: "Therefore, in education, in the field of content and teacher training, centralized planning should be implemented."


Mostafa Pour Mohammadi: Education is not a place for political factions' competition

Pourmohammadi stated that education and higher education are the basis of the growth and development of the society and stated that Iran has this capacity in a wide way; We should appreciate the extensive efforts of compassionate and committed forces because the development in the country is grateful to the higher education system.

He added that the administration should leave many educational contents and teaching methods to the professors and teachers themselves. Our education system must be changed. Education is not a place for political and factional competition and conflicts.


Alireza Zakani: Livelihood and housing problems can be solved through the reserve fund

In response to the questions, Zakani said: "The future of the country will be determined by the education system Education; meanwhile, training of youth needs a system that promotes the evolution of youth and it starts from the family and continues in the mosque, schools, university, seminary schools, media and all areas where people can learn.

He continued: "Education is an investment and we should make our policies about education different. The reform in education should start from the classroom and not the headquarters.

The candidate of the 14th presidential election said that attention to education and the basic measures that he wants to take in the field of education content should not be limited to the classroom and the educational topics.


Saeed Jalili: The per capita cost of public school students is higher than the cost of education in non-government schools in the north of Tehran, but they do not have that efficiency.

People should be able to play a role in the development of the country and everyone who has talent should flourish.

It is necessary for the progress of the country that education finds its real place and the minister of education should be a valuable force to play this role.

Jalili said: It is stated in the development document that thinking, being sociable and creative and discovering talents should take place in schools.

Masoud Pezeshkian: The minister of education should be the adeptest cabinet minister

Concerning education, what is important is whether the child in the village receives the same type of service as the child of an official. If a person puts himself in this position, he can solve the problem.

The candidate for the presidential election noted that non-government schools are an opportunity and cover a percentage of educational services, but 80% of those who are in public schools cannot enter university.

Pezeshkian said: In deprived areas like Sistan and Baluchistan and Khuzestan, we have schools that are not equipped with necessities, but in some other places, children spend 100 million tomans for registration in private schools. If we are an Islamic country, the schools that the government wants to solve the problem should provide the same services for all students regardless of their financial status. Therefore, we must first accept this issue as a problem and then look for solutions to solve the problems. 219

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