IP - The spokesman of the National Security Commission of the Parliament said that We warn the other side not to enter into European parliamentary proposals, we will not be limited to the statement, Parliament’s law that will be effective.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Abolfazl Amoui said: The Council of Europe does not have a high legislative position and its decisions are consultative unless approved by the Council of Europe.

The MP added: With the start of the European Parliament process, the Parliament took serious steps to respond decisively to this illegal entry into Iran's internal developments.

He pointed out that the effect of the action of the European side has been studied and countermeasures have been designed.

The spokesman of the National Security Commission of the Parliament noted:”Today we had a closed session with the presence of Hossein Salami, the Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC, and Hossein Amir Abdullahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the dimensions of the issue were discussed."

Abolfazl Amoui added: The IRGC and Basij forces have more than ten million members, and this means that IRGC has always been with the people. Amoui emphasized: European countries were given a serious warning and the consequences of their decision are their responsibility.

He also pointed out that several plans were given by the representatives and the initial plan has been reached, which was announced.

The first part of the plan is the responsibility of the government, and on the second part, the people on the other side will be placed on the sanctions and terrorist list in parallel action.


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