The Iranian Mothers are attending the protest against the airstrike of the Israeli regime on the Al-Mu'amdani hospital in Gaza on Friday morning. They are gathering in Ma'adar Square ( Mother Square) Northern Tehran chanting down with Israel.

Iran PressIran news: The disastrous defeat of the Zionists, the death of more than a thousand Zionists and the loss of some settlements and military headquarters, has made the leaders of this regime to target the civilians and innocent people of Gaza many times in recent days and commit war crimes by besieging this strip.

Meanwhile, the Zionist occupiers killed more than 1,000 Palestinians, including hundreds of children, in a criminal act on Tuesday evening (October 17) by bombarding Al-Mu'amdani hospital in the Gaza Strip.

This barbaric action has been widely condemned by Islamic countries, but the Western governments have limited themselves to issuing passive statements in support the Zionist regime. 219

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