The head of scientific teams of Iranian students announced the success of the Iranian team in the UK Science Olympiad 2024 and stated that in this competition, 114 teams from 48 countries competed by presenting 310 scientific projects.

Iran PressIran news: Mehdi Rashidi Jahan, head of scientific teams of Iranian students, referring to the 2024 British Science Olympiad, said: "These competitions are held annually between the ages of 12 and 18 years, and in this period of the competition, 114 teams from 48 countries presented 310 scientific projects."

He added: "This Olympiad was held with the support of Oxford University in the technical fields of engineering, computer science, energy, biological science, social science, art and robotics and in two stages."

Rashidi Jahan stated: "In the first stage of this Olympiad and after evaluating the documentation of student projects, 4 Iranian teams consisting of Sina Moghadam Nodehi, Paniz Karimi, Ilya Nusrat Panah, Mahan Padi and Mohammad Sam Nemati Moin were among the teams that made it to the second stage."

The head of scientific teams of Iranian students said: "After the end of the second stage, the final judging was conducted, the results of which were recently announced, and from Iran, Sina Moghadam Nodehi won the bronze medal, Mahan Ghadimi, and Mohammad Sam Nemati, who snatched honors diploma, Paniz Karimi and Ilya Nusrat Panah managed to receive a certificate of participation in this course from the British Science Olympiad.

He added: "Also, after judging their designs as inventors, these students have succeeded in becoming members of the World Federation of Inventors, who will participate in the world competitions in Geneva, Switzerland, as selected Iranian inventors this August.