Anzali (IP) - Stating that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) is the most unique anti-terrorist organization in the region and the world, the speaker of Iran's parliament said if the IRGC is included in the list of terrorist organizations, we will deal with the Europeans in a completely different way in the region.

Iran PressIran News: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said in Anzali on Thursday night: "The Europeans have again miscalculated. If the European Union makes such a decision and declares the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as a terrorist organization, it means that the European Union itself is a major terrorist sponsoring organization."

He stated: "The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is the most unique anti-terrorist organization in the region and the world. Europe should be careful not to be a supporter of Daesh. Today, Europeans are showing that they will turn supporting terrorists into their official policy."

Ghalibaf emphasized: "I warn that if this decision is finalized, the Iranian parliament will definitely retaliate, and it is completely logical that we consider the European governments as supporters of terrorists and we treat their armies as terrorist groups, and in a completely different way in the region."

The high-ranking official elsewhere referred to the achievements of the Islamic Republic in the field of rockets and space, noting: "All of our wishes during the era of holy defense was to have an aerial view of the enemy's line, and the conditions were such that many soldiers were killed in order to obtain information about the enemy's formation. But today we have reached the point where we have sent a satellite into space, and we transmit accurate images daily."

He considered today's war in the country to be a hybrid war and stated: "All arrogance's enmity with us is to destroy the culture of martyrdom and endanger the formation of Islamic civilization with the change of generations. It is known that we can create another epic by relying on the culture of martyrs and avoid making excuses."


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