Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Belgium's Ambassador to Tehran in protest to the Antwerp court's illegal verdict over the Iranian diplomat.

Iran PressIran News: Belgium's Antwerp Court has sentenced Assadollah Asadi, a diplomat from the Islamic Republic of Iran, to 20 years in prison for violating the provisions of the 1961 Vienna Convention.

The Director-General of the foreign minister's Southwest Europe Department summoned Belgium's Ambassador to Tehran on Tuesday and announced the strong protest of Iran to the illegal verdict of Antwerp's court about the Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi. 

Peyman Sa'adat said: "The verdict by the Antwerp Court violates international law and ignores Belgium's obligations to the Islamic Republic of Iran, so the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize it in any way."

The process of sentencing, arrest, trial, and conviction of 'Assadollah Assadi' is contrary to the provisions of the 1961 Vienna Convention and has no legitimacy, he stressed. 

The processes, he said, were impacted by the plotted conspiracy by the MKO group and aimed to destroy Iran-Europe relations in such a way that the penetration of the literature of the MKO terrorist group can be observed in even the legal procedures and some officials' comments. 

In the meeting also the Belgian government was called on to end its actions against the Iranian diplomat as soon as possible and to release him immediately while respecting human rights standards.


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