Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology confirmed that the first telemetry data from the Khayyam satellite had been received at Iran's ground stations hours after the launch of the satellite into orbit earlier today.

Iran PressIran news: The high-resolution Iranian satellite was successfully launched into space from a base in Kazakhstan on board a Russian rocket on Tuesday.

The satellite is placed in orbit at an altitude of 500 kilometers above the Earth's surface and will send high-resolution images four times a day. 

"The first telemetry data from the 'Khayyam' satellite was received at the Iranian Space Agency's (ISA) Mahdasht space base," the ministry of communications announced.

"Launching the 'Khayyam' satellite into orbit is the beginning of Iran-Russia's strategic cooperation in space," Iran's communication minister Zarepour concluded.

Imagery from the "Khayyam" satellite will be used to monitor Iran's borders and improve the country's management and planning in agriculture, natural resources, environment, mining, and natural disasters.

In early June, the Iranian Space Agency announced that work was underway to prepare seven more satellites for launch into orbit.

In late June, Iran tested its domestically-developed hybrid-propellant satellite carrier rocket called Zuljanah for "predetermined research purposes" for the second time. 

Iran's Defense Ministry launched the Zuljanah satellite carrier into space for the first time in February 2021.

Today, the Iranian satellite "Khayam" was launched into space from the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan by a Soyuz satellite in joint cooperation with Russia as Iran's Minister of Communication said the move signals the localization of space technology in the country by transferring knowledge and experience.


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