Tehran (IP) - The Iranian scientists produced diagnostic test kits capable of detecting the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Iran PressIran News: The Ministry of Health of Iran presented a report on the trend of the spread of the new Omicron virus in the world, and it was emphasized that considering the behavior of the Omicron virus in each country and different age groups, the implementation of health guidelines and social distance along with vaccination, especially a third dose injection is necessary.

An Iranian knowledge-based biotechnology company managed to produce Silicon-based kits for extraction of the coronavirus genome, including the new omicron variant. 

CEO of ROJETechnologies says for every new variant of the virus that enters Iran, it is necessary to examine the kits produced.

Mohammad Bagher Mahmoudi said: "We produced several diagnostic kits, one of which is related to virus extraction. In the first year of the corona pandemic, we met up to 90% of the country's needs, and gradually other companies entered the field."

Mahmoudi said the company was the first manufacturer of the kits distinguishing the COVID-19 virus from an influenza virus of types A and B.


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