Tehran (IP) - According to an official in Iran's Ministry of Health announced the high capability of Iranian kits for detecting the Omicron variant.

Iran PressIran News: The Ministry of Health of Iran presented a report on the trend of the spread of the new Omicron virus in the world, and it was emphasized that considering the behavior of the Omicron virus in each country and different age groups, the implementation of health guidelines and social distance along with vaccination, especially a third dose injection is necessary.

Siamak Samiei, Director General of Laboratories of the Ministry of Health of Iran, said: "Iranian kits have the ability to detect Omicron variants."

Bahram Einollahi, the Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, also emphasized: "The infrastructure for the production of Iranian vaccines is such that the Omicron strain will also be surrendered to the Barakat vaccine."


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