Shiraz(IP)- The Police Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that it has arrested and identified the members of the propaganda and promotion network of extremist "Salafism" in the country with the round-the-clock intelligence efforts and security forces.

Iran PressIran news: The forces of Iran's Police, being vigilant and monitoring the suspicious movements of some people regarding the promotion of Salafism and extremist ideas, identified and arrested an extensive network active in this field in Shiraz, Fars province South-central Iran.

 This network was made up of several propaganda circles led by a foreign national with a known identity, and 15 foreign nationals active in this field were arrested during the operation.

During the inspection of the places of the destroyed propaganda and deviance network, a significant number of documents, books, and pamphlets that were used for disinformation and security purposes were discovered and seized, and several Iranian and foreign nationals who were involved in providing financial resources for this network were also identified, and the main element was arrested in this regard. 


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