May 30, 2020 10:50 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 09, 2020 15:06 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - President Rouhani said that the heroes of our society are first and foremost those who work in hospitals at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to the importance of June 6, 1963, in the history of the country, President Hassan Rouhani said this morning at a meeting of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus: "Our dear Imam has been leading a popular movement for 16 years and he has led the revolution to victory."

The president said: "Another task of the Imam was to lead and win against the aggression of another country, the 8-year period of the holy defense, and the other task of the Imam was to form an Islamic government."

Rouhani noted: "Imam Khomeini formed the main institutions of the revolution with the people's vote in the first year of the revolution. Thirty-one years have passed since the Imam's demise, and the people have continued to love the Imam, and his righteous successor has kept the same flag."

"Today we are faced with a new situation during the Corona era that may continue for years to come," the president said of the issue of the Corona. "Our lives have faced limitations and part of it is virtual," the president highlighted.

He said: "Anyone contracted with the virus should be told to quarantine themselves. This period is more difficult than March and April because at that time many people had symptoms such as cough, but now the form of the disease has changed and some do not have clinical signs."

Rouhani added: "Our work today has become a bit more difficult than before. Many things in our society are changing. Some sections of our country were heroes; today, the heroes of our society are first and foremost those who work in hospitals."

The president went on to say: "Because we do not have a definite vaccine and medicine, the virus is circulating in the society; it goes to one province and then gets tired and goes somewhere else. In this situation, it is important to organize the life and economy of the people. In the production sector, we do not have a big difference in March and April, but there was a difference in the service sector. In the summer, the journey begins, which makes our situation more difficult. We don't want to say don't travel but live with Coronavirus with caution.

Referring to the daily monitoring of the Coronavirus, he said: "The world has the same criteria. The number of patients is announced daily. The number of patients should not be a concern for the people. This number is based on testing."


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