Mar 30, 2020 20:18 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 30, 2020 20:45 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iranian people do not forget the sacrifice of doctors and nurses: President Rouhani
    Iranian people do not forget the sacrifice of doctors and nurses: President Rouhani

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaking through a videoconference has expressed hope that the great efforts of nurses and doctors these days are recorded as golden pages in the history of the Iranian calendar.

Iran PressIran News: President Hassan Rouhani contacted the governors-general and medical authorities of West Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, Ardabil, Zanjan provinces through videoconferencing and received reports on the latest situation of coronavirus outbreak and the treatment of patients on Sunday night. 

The president ordered the West Azarbaijan governor-general for special attention to chemical war veterans injured in the Iraq invasion of Iran.

Rouhani also called on the governor of West Azerbaijan to pay special attention to the residents of Sardasht, Moezi tweeted on his page.

The President also had separate video conferences with doctors and nurses in Urmia's Taleqani Hospital, Ahwaz's Razi Hospital and Hazrat Valiasr (AS) Hospital in Zanjan and was briefed on the health and treatment services given to the patients diagnosed with COVID-19, and measures are taken to improve services.

Rouhani also contacted the Governor-General of Ardabil Province and managers of a knowledge-based company in the province that has increased its daily production of N95 masks to 5,000.


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