Mar 27, 2020 18:13 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 01, 2020 07:27 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif says US took Iranian scientist hostage
    Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif says US took Iranian scientist hostage

Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Foreign Minister stressed that the US has taken Iranian scientists as hostage amid the global crisis of Coronavirus outbreak, denying them medical furlough.

Iran Press/Iran news: Publishing a picture of the Guardian’s Thuesday 26 March report on his twitter account, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, "The US has taken several Iranian scientists without charge or spurious sanction charges and does not release them even with its own courts reject the absurd charges. 

“The US even refuses medical furloughs amid Covid-19, for innocent men jailed in horrific facilities,” Zarif wrote. 

Sirous Asgari, the 59-year-old professor of materials engineering acquitted in November from the charge of stealing trade secrets related to his university activities at the University of Ohio is still in custody at the US Immigration Service due to revocation of his visa.

Asgari said his detention center is polluted and congested, and authorities do little to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, saying that they do not provide the detainees even with masks and disinfectant so that they succumb to the disease.


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