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Tehran (IP) - The spokesperson of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his weekly presser on Monday, said the country had not received a response to proposals of the European side regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran PressIran News: Regarding the unofficial narratives of the text of the Vienna talks and the fact that Iran is resuming some of the JCPOA-related nuclear commitments, he said: "We are still on the path of negotiations, and we should not accept the details and the next process that has not yet happened. As you know, in the last round of negotiations in Vienna, proposals were presented by the European Union coordinator to the negotiation parties, including Iran, and the Iranian side based on its own constructive and responsible approach, gave its own response to the European side's proposal at the appointed time. So far, we have not received a response from the other party, especially the American administration, to the proposals of the European side. We can talk about the success of this phase of negotiations when the European side announces that it has received a response from the American side."

Nasser Kanani said: "Let us not pay attention to non-official narratives. Negotiations are sensitive, and we have to comment and judge in the atmosphere of negotiations based on the exchange of the official views of the countries regarding the process and outcome of the negotiations. So far, we have made relatively good progress, but the negotiations are a series, and we must agree on all the issues related to the negotiations, and until it is done, we cannot say that we have reached an agreement and move forward or welcome the next stage."

Kanani went on to say: "The remaining issues are important issues and should be decided and agreed upon. Iran participated seriously, constructively, and responsibly in the negotiations in the past and recent rounds. Iran responded to the proposals of the European side in a timely manner, acted innovatively, and showed the necessary flexibility to reach an agreement. However, what is important is the delay of the American side in providing an answer, otherwise, we acted on time in this regard and showed that we acted responsibly. The US administration is responsible for the current situation of the JCPOA and the non-implementation of the agreement so far, and in the current process, the US administration is also responsible for the current situation, and if it shows serious will in action and acts responsibly in its promises and actions, we can move to the next direction. Iran's negotiating team attended the negotiation table to secure the nation's interests and realize the legitimate interests of the government and the nation, and acted seriously and professionally in the course of negotiations and is standing by this path.

Kanani noted: "Iran will not wait for the other side. Iran's top officials have repeatedly announced that we will not tie the process of people's livelihood and the country's economy to the process of negotiations, and we consider sanctions lifting negotiations as one of the issues in the field of foreign policy. We emphasize that America's procrastination in providing an answer and the inaction of the European side on the internal issues of the US administration and the pressure of extremists inside the United States or the pressure of the Zionist lobby on the US administration or the attrition of negotiations that we see evidence of will not stop Iran from pursuing its priorities and Iran will not wait for none of these. If Iran needs an agreement, America and the European side need an agreement more than Iran. The Iranian team showed complete seriousness and while expressing their desire and practical proof that they are looking for an agreement, they will stand up for the legitimate interests of the government and the nation and will not deviate from the red lines. We are looking for a good, strong and stable agreement. A good agreement means that Iran's interests are secured and stable, and there is a period of time in the implementation process to prove to Iran that the other side stands by its obligations. "

He said: "We will naturally wait for the response of the other side in connection with the negotiations on the lifting of sanctions, but in the field of foreign relations and the development of relations with neighbors and the expansion of foreign economic relations and the expansion of economic and trade relations with different countries, both neighbors and non-neighbors, we will not wait for an answer from the other side of the negotiation process.

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Taking Revenge on Martyr Soleimani's killers not negotiable

Spokesman for Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kanani said on Monday that Islamic Republic of Iran 's position toward taking revenge on perpetrators of the former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleimani's assassination will never change and never will be the matter of compromise, and it has nothing to do with JCPOA talks.

Kanani then warned: "Iran will never forget the coward assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani and this case will never be settled by compromise and has nothing to do with JCPOA talks.

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Speaking in another part of his speech about the negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Kanani said: "We have many common issues with Saudi Arabia in the bilateral and regional fields, and the talks to resume official relations between the two countries will provide the interests of both sides. There are differences of opinions and complex issues, and we have taken good steps forward, and the negotiation process has been positive. Resumption of relations is not done quickly. There is political will and we saw mutual steps from the Saudi side and we should be optimistic that we can take a step forward in the path of communication and diplomatic talks. The conditions in the region are positive and can give hope that we are moving forward in relations with our neighbors and the region."

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In response to a question, Kanani said: "We are witnessing the formation of new conditions in Syria, and the Syrian government has overcome the conditions of crisis and instability, and has achieved great success in the fight against terrorism, and has shown that, from the eyes of the Syrian people, it is a government that has been able to fight against terrorists and restore security to the critical areas of Syria and maintain the sovereignty of the country and we are witnessing the gradual return of countries that had left Damascus and closed their embassies during the past years as a result of miscalculations. Now the situation is changing and some countries have opened their embassies and sent some delegations."

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Iran's FM to head for Africa today

Spokesman for Iran Minsitry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that the country's foreign minister is heading for Africa today to discuss enhancement of economic ties with African countries.

Nasser Kanani said that Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is leaving Tehran Today for Mali, Tanzania and Zanzibar while heading a high-ranking delegation.

The event is aimed at boosting economic ties with Africa along with the policy of Iran's current government under President Ebrahim Raisi. 


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