Abadan (IP) - The bodies of 111 martyrs of eight years of the Iran-Iraq war entered Iran through the Arvandrud waterway with a ceremony of welcoming by the people of Abadan and Khorramshahr.

Iran Press/Iran news: On Thursday morning, December 8th, Brigadier General Seyed Mohammad Bagherzadeh, commander of the Search and Recovery Committee (SRC) of the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff, said that the pure bodies of these high-ranking martyrs were discovered in the operational areas of the Sacred Defense (Iran-Iraq War) era within Misan and Basra provinces in the southeast of Iraq and entered the country through Abadan port and Arvand international waterway.

Brigadier General Baqerzadeh added: The bodies of the martyrs are related to the preliminary operations of Wal-Fajr, Wal-Fajr 1, Khyber, Badr, Karbala 5, Beit Al-Maqdis 7 which were recently discovered.

According to the Commander of the Search and Recovery Committee of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, the bodies of these martyrs will be transferred to Ahvaz for a farewell ceremony and then to Tehran for the funeral.

Last July, the bodies of 35 newly-discovered martyrs entered the country from the international border of Shalamcheh, southwest of Iran.


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