Iran declraes readiness to restore al-Biruni's tomb in Afghanistan

Tehran (IP)- Iran's Minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts announced the ministry's readiness to assist in the reconstruction of Abu Rihan al-Biruni's tomb in Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Asghar Mounesan, Iran's Minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts, urged Mohammad Hassan Talebian, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, to act as soon as possible so that the tomb of Abu Rihan al-Biruni, an Iranian scientist and mathematician in the city of Ghazni, would be restored and reconstructed.

Mounesan added: "Iran has good knowledge in the field of repair and reconstruction of historical buildings and places and prominent experts are also working in this field; so to achieve such goal to this end, we are helping Afghanistan to reconstruct the tomb of Abu Rihan al-Biruni in order to witness a tomb reconstructed worthy of this prominent Iranian scientist."

Abu Rihan al-Biruni was born in Dhu al-Hijjah 3,362 A.H in a village called Kath near Kharezm (in present-day Uzbekistan) and died in 440 in Ghazni (modern-day Afghanistan).

In addition to Persian, he was fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, and Sanskrit, and possibly Greek, and he had found many of the sources of his first category of research work from the original works thanks to his multilingualism.  

Many of his works have been left in various sciences, including Al-Tafhim Lawa'il Al-Sina'a Al-Tanjim (containing questions and answers in a format easily understandable by new learners in astronomy) and Al-Baqiyah Al-Qaqoon Al-Khaliyya (in the calendar and chronology).


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Iran declraes readiness to restore al-Biruni
Iran declraes readiness to restore al-Biruni