Tehran (IP) – Head of Iran's Pasteur Institute says the Iran-Cuba COVID-19 vaccine will be used at the nationwide vaccination.

Iran PressIran News: In response to Iran Press on the effectiveness of the vaccine and whether it would be used at nationwide vaccination, Alireza Biglari stated: "The Iran-Cuba COVID vaccine will be provided to the Health Ministry this week and will be mass-produced in October to be used at the nationwide vaccination."

He noted that the vaccine is highly effective even on the coronavirus new variants.

He announced that Iran would produce three million doses of the vaccine monthly from early fall.

Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting on the Iran-Cuba vaccine progress, Biglari pointed out that the vaccine had been tested on 44,000 volunteers in the third phase of the human trial in Cuba and 24,000 others in Iran.

He added that the results, which were released yesterday, indicate that the vaccine prevents death and severe conditions 100% and efficiency standing at 92% to prevent coronavirus.

Biglari underlined that Iran would produce three million doses of the vaccine each month from early fall.

The other important point to mention is that 18-year-old people can take the Iran-Cuba vaccine as well; it also immunizes people over 65.

He expressed hope to exchange knowledge between the two countries more than before to produce the vaccine and get the World Health Organization (WHO)'s approval.

The meeting on the progress of the joint vaccine of Cuban Finlay and Iran's Pasteur Institutes was held at the Health Ministry on Sunday, with the attendance of Iran's Health Minister Saeed Namki, Cuba's Finlay Institute Managing-Director Vicente Vérez, and other high-ranking health officials.

Reported by Arezou Raufi


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