Tehran (IP) - Referring to the establishment of a special working group for cooperation between Iran and Armenia, the Minister of Health said that the two countries will soon sign a cooperation document in the field of health.

Iran PressIran news: In a meeting with his Armenian counterpart on Saturday, Bahram Einollahi, while pointing to many ethnic and historical shares of the two countries said that it is necessary to increase the practical cooperation as well.

Einollahi added: "Iran always considers Armenia as its friend and is sorry about the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia."

He emphasized: "There is a lot of cooperation between Iran and Armenia in the field of health and we are trying to increase them."

Pointing out that the removal of borders in Europe is one of the reasons for the progress of these countries, he said: "We should also move in the same direction and make traveling to countries easier so that our students have joint projects. We can also hold joint scientific conferences and even be the founder of international conferences."

Referring to the prominent role of women in the field of health in Iran, he said that we have more than 9,000 female faculty members in Iran, and generally 50% of health workers are women.

Armenia's Minister of Health, Anahit Avanesiani, while pointing out that the relations between Iran and Armenia have always been of special importance, said: "Our view is forward and we can always rely on Iran's support, including Iran's positions in establishing peace and stability in the region." 

She added: "Health and medicine is one of the areas that help the development of relations between the two countries. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, despite the borders being closed, the border between Iran and Armenia was open for the exchange of drugs and equipment. Our drug market is open to Iranian products and we will give Iran the list of medicines we need. 

"We are ready to hold an exhibition of Iranian pharmaceutical products in Armenia," she noticed.

She pointed out: "We are ready to sign a memorandum of understanding between the hospitals of the two countries in the field of education and treatment."


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