IP- In a meeting to discuss Iran-Africa's available opportunities for cooperation, Iranian and African officials emphasized the necessity of creating a comprehensive database of Iranian-African businessmen.

Iran PressIran News: IIran-Africa cooperation meeting was held with the presence of economic activists, some Iranian ambassadors in Africa, including Congo, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Burkina Faso, the president and members of the Board of Directors of the Iran-East Africa Chamber, the head of the African Department, the Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) and a representative of the Ministry of Iran's Foreign Affairs.

In the meeting, the Secretary General of the Iran Chamber Iraj Sheidae emphasized the support of the Chamber from economic activists developing Iran-Africa trade.

Head of international affairs of Iran Chamber Niloofar Asadi enumerated the export of technical and engineering services, road and dam construction, electricity and power plants, petroleum derivatives, petrochemical products, agricultural equipment and machinery, medicines, and medical equipment as the areas of cooperation between Iran and Africa.

On the sidelines of discussing the availabilities of cooperation between Iran and Africa, some members of the joint chamber and economic activists suggested the creation of a database of businessmen.

Later in the meeting, Iran's ambassador to Burkina Faso Mojtaba Faghihi emphasized Africa's will to trade with Iran.

Regarding Iran-Kenya export and import, Iran's ambassador to Kenya said that Iran exports petrochemical products to Kenya and imports agricultural items, including tea and coffee from Kenya. 


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