Tehran (IP): In a phone call with Iran's Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian, Pakistan's foreign minister said today that terrorists and enemies should not be allowed to abuse the relations, and Iran's foreign minister called cooperation between the two countries necessary to destroy terrorist camps in Pakistan.

Iran Press/Iran news: The foreign ministers of Iran and Pakistan had a phone conversation for the second time in the past few days.

In response to the phone call of Jalil Abbas Jilani, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, while calling Pakistan's position in foreign policy and the neighborhood of the Islamic Republic of Iran an important one, said: "It is appropriate to seriously pursue the axis of security and military cooperation, which has been agreed and emphasized by the authorities of the two countries in the past."

Amir-Abdollahian stated that Iran's security forces will deal with any terrorist operations in their operational bases at the very beginning, and said that these forces do not allow terrorists to move operationally.

Referring to the recent anti-terrorist operation of Iran's local base against the Jaish al-Zalum outfit, which has claimed responsibility for many terrorist operations, including the recent attack on the Rask police station, the head of Iran's diplomatic service emphasized: "This operational action is in line with the immediate duties of the operational base in the Sistan and Balochistan region and in order to neutralize the urgent terrorist threat, according to the evidence and documentation, more than fifty terrorists were preparing to carry out a terrorist act against Iran in this place, which failed due to the timely action of the Iranian forces."

Emphasizing the Islamic Republic of Iran's respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its friend, brother and neighbor Pakistan, Amir-Abdollahian said: "The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan is of great concern to us and cooperation between the two countries is necessary to neutralize and destroy terrorist camps in Pakistan."

He added: "In a situation where the Zionist regime is killing women and children in Palestine, the need for the unity of the Islamic world and large and effective countries is felt more than ever."

Jalil Abbas Jilani, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, in this telephone conversation, referring to the common goals of the two countries in the fight against terrorism, said: "A common attitude in the fight against terrorism is the core of the cooperation between the two countries, and Pakistan has always emphasized fraternal and constructive relations with Iran. Sovereignty and territorial integrity are always a serious concern of Pakistan."

Emphasizing the special interest and respect of the nation and government of Pakistan for the Islamic Republic of Iran, he emphasized the development of fraternal relations in all aspects between the two countries and added: "We are two long-standing Muslim neighbors, terrorism is our common enemy, and terrorists and enemies of relations should not be allowed to abuse."

Pakistan's foreign minister said that cooperation and brotherhood are Pakistan's main focus. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan also invited Amir-Abdollahian for an official visit to Islamabad.


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