Tehran (IP) - Issuing a statement, Iran's High Council for Human Rights noted that the advocates of human rights not only commit violations of human rights in their territory but have also sided with such a criminal regime as Israel.

Iran PressIran news: The High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran (HCHR) issued a statement in response to the approval of the politicized resolution in the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly regarding the situation of human rights in Iran.

Following the approval of the resolution proposed by Canada in the third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly regarding the situation of human rights in Iran, the Iranian High Council for Human Rights issued a statement in response to this resolution.

In this statement, referring to Iran’s system which is based on religious democracy, it is stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is a system based on religious democracy that emerged from the Islamic Revolution, which, relying on Islamic values and deep religious, human and moral teachings, managed to protect the people of Iran from gross violations of the fundamental rights and oppressions of the authoritarian regime of the monarchy supported by the West."

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Noting that the claimants of human rights, who are the founders and supporters of the resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran, have sided with the criminal Zionist regime, the statement adds: "Unfortunately, more than ever before, human rights have been politicized and double standards and discriminatory approaches are rampant in this field. The widespread crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, which is an exhibition of crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and racial and ethnic cleansing, on the one hand, the ineffectiveness of human rights mechanisms and tools, on the other hand, show the selective and biased policies regarding the issue of human rights."

The statement added: "The human rights claimants who are the founders and supporters of the establishment of the human rights mechanism and the approval of the resolution against independent countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, not only commit extensive and gross violations of human rights in their territory but have also sided with this criminal regime."


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It is also emphasized in the statement that the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken tremendous measures in the fields of political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights during the past 45 years. All indicators, including in the fields of education, health, development, people's participation, as well as the human development index, have significant growth, especially compared to the period before the Islamic Revolution. We do not forget that before the Islamic Revolution, the authoritarian regime ruling Iran was supported by the West and human rights claimants, and human rights had no place in these relations. On the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran also has appropriate interactions in the field of human rights in the international sphere, including interaction with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, interaction with Special Procedures mandate holders, responding to special procedures correspondence, joining a significant number of international human rights treaties and presenting periodic reports in the implementation of their commitments, taking a principled approach in supporting the UPR mechanism, and organizing bilateral human rights dialogues, are only a part of these interactions. 


Canada, the main sponsor of the anti-Iranian resolution, suffers from widespread human rights violations in its territory

The statement also notes that this resolution has been presented by Canada for many years. Everyone is familiar with the widespread violation of indigenous rights and the discovery of mass graves of indigenous students in this country. Considering the situation of women in this country is enough to realize the falsity of this country's claims in the field of human rights: the vast majority of discovered victims of human trafficking in Canada are women and girls, 25% of whom are under the age of 18. Out of every 100 rapes, only 6 cases are reported to the police. 11% of women experienced physical injuries due to rape and 60% of rape victims are under 17 years old. 83% of disabled women have been raped or sexually abused during their lifetime, and 57% of indigenous women have also been sexually abused. Between October 2020 and April 2021, 43.9 percent of the 4,900 workers surveyed said they experienced at least one form of sexual harassment or violence on the job, and 70 percent of them had to leave their jobs.



The statement also refers to Canada's black record of human rights, saying that while only 1 in 20 women in Canada is indigenous, in 2021, more than 34,200 rapes were reported in Canada, which shows an 18% growth compared to the previous year. Nearly 50% of women in Canadian prisons are indigenous women who spend more time in solitary confinement than other women and have tougher conditions for release. 27.3 percent of the homeless population is also made up of women. Every night, 6,000 women (often with children) seek refuge in emergency shelters. 96% of homeless women have experienced some kind of sexual assault, theft, insult and threat. 75% of homeless women struggle with disorders such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. In 2021, 127,082 people in Canada were victims of family violence, 69% of whom were women and girls. In this same year, 173 women were killed due to violence, of which 58 were indigenous women and girls. The gender wage gap is also estimated at 20 percent, meaning that for equal work, women earn 77 cents compared to one dollar that men earn.


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The human rights project against Iran is a politicized and guided project putting all such conditions together, one can come to the conclusion that the human rights project against the Islamic Republic of Iran (General Assembly resolution, appointment of a special rapporteur, establishment of a fact-finding mission and parallel reporting by the UN Secretary-General) is completely a politicized and guided project. For the political nature of this project to be approved, just make a detailed comparison between the draft resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the recently approved resolution of the General Assembly regarding the deplorable conditions in Palestine.

This statement reiterates that while the UN Security Council remains unable to stop the war and send humanitarian aid to Gaza and the UN Human Rights Council has been unable or unwilling to convene an urgent session, the claimant countries have gathered together with the support of politicized reports of human rights mechanisms, to issue a resolution about an independent country supporting human rights! Even though the current resolution is completely based on political goals and with no regard to the facts and significant human rights achievements in the Islamic Republic of Iran we completely reject it. 219

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