Human Rights Watch has accused the US and its allies in Europe of hypocrisy for their failure to condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

Iran PressAmerica: Human Rights Watch’s deputy programme director Tom Porteous says that in the case of Ukraine, the US and Europe denounced Russian war crimes. Fast forward 18 months from Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the West is largely silent on war crimes by Israel in Gaza.

“Where are the clear and unequivocal calls for Israeli regime to respect international norms in its attack on Gaza, let alone for accountability,” Porteous asks in a statement.

“Where is the clear condemnation of the cruel tightening of the 16-year closure of Gaza that amounts to collective punishment, a war crime,” he continues.

“The hypocrisy and double standards of Western states are flagrant and obvious," Human Rights Watch official added. 219

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