Abuja (IP) - Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria concluded the five-day annual program on the life of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, popularly known as Imam Khomeini's week in Abuja.

Iran PressAfrica: During the five-day program, a series of lectures were presented by different scholars and intellectuals on different topics.

On Tuesday, among the scholars who made the speeches were Shu'aibu Isa Ahmad, National Chairman of the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement and Professor Isa Hassan Mshelgaru from Ahmadu Bello University of Zariya, who spoke about Imam Khomeini's endeavor for the revival of Islam and justice.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Mu'allima Zeenah Ibrahim, wife of the leader of the Islamic Movement who attended the event, said that having Imam Khomeini in the world in this century is the greatest favor by Allah.

"After a very long period of hopelessness, to the extent that a lot of Muslims believed that the honor of Islam could not come back again, Imam Khomeini came at a very crucial time in the history of mankind and changed their minds. Every positive thing we are witnessing now, like the emergence of Axis of Resistance is a result of Imam Khomeini's work," she said.

Mu'allima Zeenah emphasized that Imam Khomeini renewed the hope in the hearts of believers and the oppressed people, made Muslims believe that Islam could be put into real practice at this present time:

"Before Imam Khomeini, this was considered impossible because of the domination of the world arrogant powers."

She urged all people of conscience and supporters of justice to take lessons of sacrifice, dedication, and confidence in Allah from Imam Khomeini, which are the secrets of his success.


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