Lebanese Hezbollah forces fired two rockets from the south of this country into the occupied territories.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance forces fired two rockets from the south of the country towards the Zionist settlement of Margaliot.

According to this report, sirens sounded in this Zionist settlement located in the north of the occupied territories.

It is also reported that Lebanon's Hezbollah uses anti-armor missiles. Last night, Thursday, a guided missile was fired from southern Lebanon toward the Zareit settlement in northern occupied Palestine.

Al Jazeera news agency also announced in a report that at least 38 Zionist forces were injured in the night and day battles in the Gaza Strip.

In support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and their valiant resistance, the Lebanese Hezbollah has carried out several operations against Israeli regime forces in the last months since October 7. 

In his last speech, the Lebanese Hezbollah secretary-general, while praising Palestinian resilience and resistance, said that the Israeli enemy was able to defeat several Arab armies within 6 days, whereas today, for a hundred days, they have not been able to defeat Gazans. 

At least 26,083 Palestinians have been killed and 64,487 wounded by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war after October 7, the latest figures published by the Gaza health ministry indicated. 219

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